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How to Choose Sofa Set for Your Smaller Living Room

The Plus Side of Small Living Rooms

Having minimal square footage can feel limiting when it comes to furniture and decor. However, moving into a studio, condo, or small home lets you scale down to the essentials and get creative with your layout. We've pulled together a few of the best small living room ideas to help you create a look that's both cozy and chic.

Buying for Tiny Spaces

Purchasing the right chairs and sofas for an apartment or small living room requires a little extra planning. You want to choose models that are compact as well as fashionable. Since couches are often the focal point of these areas, picking space-saving furniture, like a small sofa set, delivers ample seating with optimal style.


The Right Sofas

Small Couches

When it comes to small rooms, paying attention to a couch's size and shape is critical. Armless models and pieces with a simple, minimal shape often take up the least amount of room. As an additional benefit, these sofas for small spaces offer a better view of the walls and flooring behind them, making the room seem more spacious overall.


You can also shop for couches made specifically for small spaces. Apartment-size sofas and loveseats feature reduced dimensions that look proportional to your room, actually increasing the perception of openness.


Sofas to Avoid for Tiny Rooms

Visually, couches with boxy frames, overstuffed cushions, and skirting form a solid block from mid-wall down to the floor in front. These elements make a couch appear heavy or oversized, especially a sofa in a small space. Look for furniture with slim wooden legs and tailored cushions instead. Sofa sets on tapered legs give the illusion of a trim, lightweight design.


Going Backless

If you're willing to break from tradition, a backless couch or chaise lounge in the center of a room can give you a different design perspective. Use these pieces of small-space furniture as a divider or a centerpiece to style your room in a whole new way.


Choosing Colors

Light Furniture

The right colors can lend an airy vibe to even the tiniest living room. Shades of white, beige, and other neutral tones reflect the light. As a result, space-saving furniture upholstered in these hues appears expansive and bright. Overuse of darker colors has the opposite effect and may result in a living room that feels more like a closet.


Adding Depth

If you want to use some deeper hues, use decor to bring in highlights of bold tones and patterns while keeping the majority of your upholstery neutral on any furniture for small spaces. Vibrant throw pillows, wall art, and blankets add personality in the proper dosage for a tiny room. Stick with one or two complementary shades to avoid color overload.


Benefits of Sofa Sets for Small Living Rooms

A Flexible Floor Plan

Aside from the bonus of getting several coordinating pieces in one stylish package, sofa sets can be easier to work into your existing decor. While a small couch and chair combo leaves you the option to shift each piece around independently, you're often stuck with one configuration for a larger sofa in a tight space.


Arranging Sofas for Small Spaces

Placement of your sofa set depends greatly on the room's size and shape. Any other accents you want to incorporate, like tables and ottomans, also factor into your layout. In limited spaces, bring in additional pieces sparingly. Sticking to only the necessities creates an open feel.


Small Living Room Ideas: Layout

Option 1: Choose a focal point. - Whether it's a TV, the cityscape through your balcony window, or a crackling fireplace, the focal point of the room is something a seating area should take into account. Try arranging your space-saving furniture around the center of attention in your room to keep this important feature in view.


Option 2: Use the Walls - If room is really limited, place the sofa set against two walls to make the most of your floor space. In some cases, a sectional sofa set in a corner can be exactly what you need. It seats a lot of people and, because it reads to the eye as one piece, a sectional can help your room seem clutter-free.


Option 3: Move to the Center - In love with your couch's style or color? Make your small sofa the center of your design by placing it in the middle of the room. This choice opens up space to access seating from either side and frees your walls for storage or chairs.


Pairing Decor with Sofas for Small Spaces

Using a few specific accents along with space-saving furniture makes a cramped living room seem spacious. For example, a glass-top coffee table takes up far less visual real estate than a solid piece. Adding mirrors above sofas in small spaces is also smart because reflections give the illusion of a wider view.


Enjoying Small Living Rooms

After choosing the perfect sofa set, have fun with colors and accents to enhance your home. Use our other small living room ideas to avoid pitfalls and maximize your visible and functional space. In the end, you'll have a comfortable, gorgeous place for game nights with friends or an evening alone with popcorn and your favorite movie.