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FAMREE Wax Warmer Waxer with 5 Bags Wax Beeds

FAMREE Wax Warmer Waxer with 5 Bags Wax Beeds

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1.Non-stick & Stainless Steel Lining: The wax hair removal is equipped with a removable stainless steel liner, so you can readily take out the remaining wax after use

2.Touch Button: With touch button, you can manipulate the wax warmer easily. And you can switch three mode, thereby you have best wax.

3. LED Screen: LED screen enables you a better vision, wherever you are, you can also see the numbers plainly.

4. Timer: With our wax hair removal, you can also make an appointment, any time you can use.

Instruction Manual


  • The first type:Pour in the wax beans/cans and switch the "wax beans/wax cans" mode. Then touch the "switch" button.
  • The second type:Set the desired heating temperature and touch the "Switch" button.
  • Note: The "." lamp will light up when the unit is warming up.